This is What Happy Looks Like - Jennifer E. Smith She could only hope that in a place filled with so many wonders, it would have still been possible to appreciate something as remarkable and ordinary as all this.

There are books that we get all excited about and all it does is disappoint us ... this is clearly not one of those books.
This is one of those amazing books that managed to fix my face with the silliest smiles imaginable!
I was so excited to read this that I actually put the three or so other books that I was reading, on halt, to read this.

There was also this weird part of me that decided to put off reading the novel for today (I could have completed it yesterday) just for the absurd reason that is, I didn't want this book to end.
It was simply the perfect read. I loved the fact that Graham was not a stuck-up celebrity. Like John Green said, sometimes we forget that celebrities are actually people with feelings and not just objects, and what we are saying about them matters to them.
What else can I say? This book is just awesome.

[Before I read the book:]
The blurb sounds amazing!! The fact that Jennifer E. Smith is a nerdfighter makes me want to read this book even more!