Wallbanger - Alice Clayton image
I happen to believe that this is the singular book that made me laugh this much! I mean, there were parts when I would have done a spit-take if I were drinking something when I came across those words!!

"Settling into the nook between them, I rested. Our home was secure, and now I watched over The Feeder and The Tall One, so I allowed myself to dream. Of her. The one that got away."
I'll tell you one thing: I've never read a book in a cat's (and that too the mother (or should I say father) of all the awesome cats that abide this earth) perspective!

"Porrrrreeeennnnnya," Clive said... Oh, Clive.

Typical cat:


Oh, the texts and the witty talk! This one made me say "Oh, the irony!":
Simon(on an airplane): "The kid keeps banging my seat"

The book was awesome. Just awesome! 'Nuff said.