Requiem - Lauren Oliver 1.5 Stars
What the hell just happened?

This was supposed to be the last book in the Delirium saga? Oh man, I'd been waiting for so long to read this book.
Hear's my complaint:
In my opinion, there was no real conclusion to the series. I don't me the love-triangle 'cause we all know she'll end up with Alex eventually.
What I actually mean is we don't know at all what happens in re to the 'disease'. Will people be stopped from being 'treated' or will the Resistance have to fight for their entire lives and the generation after them will do the same? That is my issue. Honestly. I think Lauren Oliver is an amazing author but this book could have been so. Much. Better. It really could. I'm just disappointed. If this was not the last book in the series, I'd have easily given it a 3-4 stars rating. But it is, so...